The lands of Texas are vast and very big. Traveling across this great state brings adventure that one may not expect. But what could you find in a state such as this, that you haven't seen before?

Well, as mentioned previously, there's a lot to take in. So besides the heat, could we find something new to look at? Perhaps, a little spookier than we might have anticipated?

Well, have you ever heard of something called a zombie well? It turns out they are very real, and they affect the Texas landscape in a different way than you're thinking of.

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Zombie Wells And Their Effects On The State

First things first, don't worry, actual zombies aren't going to actually summon themselves out of the well. So take a deep breath, your brains won't be eaten just yet. But the Texas Standard has the info regarding these rather harmful waterholes.

So first we must ask, what exactly is a zombie well? Texas Standard states that a zombie well is a borehole that wasn't plugging correctly after it's not longer useful. With the inability to stop the well from releasing it's contents into the ground, it causes issues with nature.

Texas Standard stated that fluids like gas and benzene could be included in the leaking well. On top of that, if someone who controls the well is discovered to not have taken care of, they could face penalties.

So zombie wells, let's not have those shall we? I like having my nature clean and zombie free!

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