I posted a cool gallery of some Borderland Off-Roaders showing off their vehicles the other day and it occurred to me that there are probably laws about off-roading.

In todays world, there are laws about everything and, sure enough, there are some things on the books here in Texas that I didn't know about.

To be honest, I had never really looked into this at all and, now that I have, here is what I found.

What you do out in the middle of nowhere is pretty much up to you, as long as you're not on private property. That can get you face to face with an angry land - owner which, in turn, could become a legal or even dangerous matter.

If the land you are 4-wheeling on is public land or land that has gotten OHV grants issued by the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, you're good. You need a decal though and, to get it, your vehicle has to meet certain requirements like having a muffler, brakes, headlight, etc. You can get yours here.

There are also some safety requirements you must meet or adhere to. Speaking of safety, the Recreational Off - Highway Vehicle Association offers courses in off - road driver safety, among other things, which you can learn more about here.

The closest OHV land to El Paso, according to the Texas Parks and Wildlife website, is in Fabens.

San Felipe Park

(Dune Buggies, ATV's & Motorcycles)
Near Fabens/El Paso County
San Felipe Road/CR 793
Fabens, TX 79838

For some off - road diving safety tips, click here.

El Paso Off-Roading Toys

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