Texans any and everything Texas-shaped, or shaped like one of the Lone Star State's famous icons. Whether it's the outline of the state, the Alamo, a longhorn, or a star, there's nothing we won't carve, mold, weld, or whittle into some Texasy goodness.

Even when we travel outside the state, some of us need to have something that says we're from the great state of Texas, right? For some of us, Whataburger is the place we remember the most from the Lone Star State.

They even have a store to purchase merch from. Some items, like shirts and hats, are a given that some want to wear. They even have Whataburger golf balls. But what about Whataburger jewelry?

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Well Texans, wait no more. Because yes, there is Whataburger charms people can buy.

The Newest Addition To Whataburger Merchandise

Thanks to a collaboration from James Avery, Whataburger fans can carry their love of ketchup, fries, or even a mini Texas with them. The newest addition to collection is none other than fancy and spicy ketchup. The charms aren't made from simple material, they're made from sterling silver.

Yes, sterling silver for a simple charm dedicated to ketchup. We certainly go big or go home for Texas companies. Now, these charms don't come cheap, as they will cost $84 to purchase.

Which, and yes we did the math, costs $5 less than 9 Sweet and Spicy Bacon burger combos.

Would you purchase one these charms? Let us know by sending a message via the chat feature on our FREE station app!

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