It did not go unnoticed by these eyes that our much embattled Texas quarterback was indeed back in social media trending as of late. And here's why:

OK, so he's homesick. That doesn't explain why he still remains in Los Angeles. One hopes, since he is the one taking the wheel of the car in the video, he is the designated driver and the natural choice for that position given his desire to clean up.  He also seemed gracious that Cleveland replaced him with Josh Gordon.

Johnny Football must be aware of the fact that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, himself addicted to the spotlight it seems, had to be physically restrained by his own sons to be kept from drafting the local player. Public flattery on Johnny's part plays into whatever sentiment, reduced though it may be now, remains for the thought of a hometown hero playing for a hometown team.  There has been no official word from Dallas.

At this point, this young fellow needs some good news. His activities however belie the presence of a humble and contrite heart. Perhaps less spotlight and more sunshine would help.

Just saying.

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