With restrictions being lifted in Texas it seems as if things are somewhat going back to normal. Having said that, the City of Killeen is ready to provide opportunities for the city's young people.

In a press release, they announced they are looking for teens ages 16 and older for dozens of summer jobs ranging from pool cashiers, lifeguards, ground maintenance work, and many other positions.

Pay ranges from $7.25 to $12.50 per hour, and students will gain valuable work experience and earn money while school is out.

If you want a full list of summer hire positions, qualifications and responsibilities go here for more information.

Students are encouraged to apply by March 15th, so be sure to act fast if you're interested.

The City Of Temple also has summer positions available for lifeguards.

Duties include monitoring the pool area, maintaining and cleaning pool decks and sinks, assisting with front desk operations, and more.

You must pass a swimming test and have knowledge of water safety practices and usage of water safety equipment. Having lifeguard experience is required, but if you have none, they also offer lifeguard certification courses.

You can apply for the lifeguard position here, and get information on the lifeguard certification course here. 

With so many pools and attractions mostly closed or limited last summer, hopefully this year Central Texans will be able to enjoy a real summer doing things we love, and we'll definitely need lifeguards looking out for us. A summer job can be a great experience to put on college applications and future resumes, so give it some thought.

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