While it may be a fantasy for some, apparently not every guy out there is okay with finding a naked woman in his bedroom.

An article from Lauren Dodd with the Killeen Daily Herald tells the story of Jovita Vaughn, 28, also known as Jovita Garza, who was booked into the Bell County jail March 30 on charges of criminal trespassing and harassment of a public servant.

This story is super strange, and has left me with tons of questions for everyone involved.

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Evidently, a Killeen man was sleeping when he heard a disturbance in his home. The man told police that “he believed someone had come into his house last night, but did not check until that morning.”

Huh? If you think someone just broke into your house, why would you wait 'til the morning to contact authorities? I can definitely understand being scared, but this seems more like the guy didn't want to bother interrupting his sleep any further than it already was.

Without anyone to stop her, Jovita put her own Goldilocks spin on the situation and was found sleeping naked on an air mattress in one of the man's bedrooms the following morning.

Officers with the Killeen Police Department tried to get the Jovita to leave, but she refused. Jovita told authorities that she used to live at the residence in 2009, and felt like she had a right to be there.

Police weren't having that so they decided to arrest her, which Jovita didn't really appreciate either. Jovita's second charge of harassment of a public servant comes following her arrest when she turned and spit on an officer.

Fortunately for her, Jovita has found a place to crash and some clothes to wear at the Bell County Jail. According to her jail roster listing, Jovita's bond is $102,500, so she may be there for a little while.

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