Killeen parents are coming out of the woodwork after student violence at Shoemaker High School in Killeen has become increasingly frequent - and what's worse - there are videos of these teenagers getting jumped at school going viral on the Internet.

Aside from the fact that violence should never be condoned on school grounds, the kids who are being jumped are always outnumbered. Shelly Hewitt, a Shoemaker mother told KCEN:

He's walking home from school around 5:30 and I get a phone call and it's Matt, he says about 30 kids just jumped us... They're passing us around, I was told there was going to be more police presence and I haven't seen it. I want answers because we aren't seeing repercussions for these poor actions.

Hewitt says her son has been jumped multiple times at Shoemaker and has reached out to school officials. She feels the administration has done nothing to help.

A student was withdrawn from Shoemaker High last week after another mother found out her son was jumped. She said she didn't know about the incidident and only found out when he returned home from an hour-long bus ride after sustaining a concussion.

Then another mother spoke out and told KCEN her son was jumped by abotu 15 kids after school. She only found out about it because his friend told her he was in the Emergency Room. The doctor there allegedly told the mother if he was hit one more time in the back he could have been paralyzed.

It seems more concerned parents are speaking up about the violence at the Killeen high school including another mom who pointed out a fighting hot spot for teenagers - claiming about five fights in the area per week.

In a press release, the district wrote:

... we take these allegations very seriously and encourage parents to report the incidents to them so they can investigate.

These Killeen mothers, however, say they've been getting the runaround.