A Central Texas father asked to turn a volunteer opportunity into a chance to keep his child and others safe.

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Now Ed Chelby is being hailed as a hero after photos circulated on social media of him standing guard outside the Killeen, Texas elementary school his daughter attends.

Reaction to Uvalde Tragedy

According to KWTX, Chelby says he did it because he wasn't able to sleep after the horrific school shooting in Uvalde, and he wanted to give other parents some peace of mind during the last days of his daughter's school year.

I said I would just be out there unarmed to let people know that I’m watching. Let the parents have a little bit of relief. I can’t let this go. This is just a testament to the sleeplessness caused by the grief I experienced. I’ve had a lot of emotional people come up to me. They didn’t want to send their kids to school. They struggled with sending their kids to school. And I told them, I was like, ‘I got them.

-Ed Chelby

Ed Chelby's Background

Chelby has eleven years of U.S. Army experience, with a background in security. He had already filled out paperwork to volunteer and was undergoing a background check when the school gave him permission to stand guard.

Ed Chelby said his daughter attends Saegert Elementary, where his wife works as a school nurse. While unable to sleep, he made an overnight e-mail request to stand guard at the school’s main entrance. Dr. John Craft, Superintendent of Killeen ISD, gave him permission to do so.

Volunteer Opportunities at KISD

If you are interested in volunteering for the upcoming school year at KISD, you can apply and register at the district's Volunteer Homepage.

A list of schools in the Killeen district can be found at killeenisd.org.

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