As my amazing city of Killeen, Texas continues to grow, I wanted to ask the residents of the city a simple question: do we need a Whole Foods?

At first, when I wrote this comment in the private group called What's happening in Killeen/Fort Hood, TX, I thought to myself, "No one really probably wants one but you, Piggie."



The People Want a Whole Foods in Killeen, Texas

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380 likes and 250 comments later, I realized there are plenty of people that agree with me.

Central Texas is most definitely in need of some type of Whole Foods or, as one member of the Facebook group suggested, maybe even a similar and smaller store like Sprout.

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I honestly didn’t think I was gonna get that type of reaction out of Killeen, but I am so happy I did.

Of Course, Not Everyone Agreed

Now, everybody doesn’t necessarily agree with my opinion on needing a Whole Foods.

Some residents said we need more like a Kroger‘s or even a Costco‘s. When I asked why would you not want a Whole Foods in Killeen, some of the responders explained that they felt it was a place that was just too expensive for Killeen, and it would just take up a lot of room where something else could be built like a Costco‘s or another grocery store like Publix which you could find on the eastern side of the world.

We Want a Whole Foods and We Want It Now!

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That said, there were dozens of comments from people who agreed that they'd love to have a Whole Foods in Killeen. One woman who sometimes travels to Austin for work says she always knows where she's going for lunch when she's down there, and that they have the best produce.

"Who do we need to talk to?", she asked.
The City needs to know that the people have spoken, and we want a Whole Foods.

As Killeen Grows, So Should Our Options

Again, I feel because the city is growing that we should also brighten our horizons and try new places that give us better, healthier options for residents of Killeen. Hopefully in the future we’ll have something that accommodates our request.
I can tell you one thing for sure - 380+ people feel exactly the same way I do!
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