The City of Killeen, Texas has announced a temporary end to it's bulk trash pickup. There are other options to consider.

Killeen Bulk Pick-Up

According to a City of Killeen press release, bulk trash service will be on hiatus until at least the end of the fiscal year, September 30, 2022. That means items like yard clippings and any unwanted furniture and such will no longer be picked up by the City of Killeen.

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The move comes following a recent pay increase to keep Solid Waste employees on the job. There has been an usual amount of turnover in that department and Killeen City Council addressed the issue with a pay raise.

Killeen Transfer Station

There are options for those needing bulk trash service. Residents can drop off up to 300 pounds at the city's transfer station located at 12200 State Highway 195. That service is free and you can use the transfer station once per month. There will be a charge for return visits within a month and for anything over the 300 pound limit.

Additional Trash Containers

You can also get additional trash containers free, but you will need to pay the extra monthly charge.

Here's the cost of those containers:

32G: $16.25 a month
64G: $17.63 a month
96G: $19.78 a month

There are also special collection events scheduled for residents of Bell County and you can see the schedule HERE.

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This Temple, Texas DoorDasher Helped an Elderly Woman Get Fresh Start

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He described his initial encounter on Facebook, thanking people who offered to help the 78-year-old woman he named 'Jane Doe' to protect her privacy. On March 20th, he was able to share some amazing news on Facebook.

"Many of you probably remember my post last week about door dashing and coming across an elderly woman in deplorable conditions. When I made the post, I was thinking that I just needed to raise awareness that our elderly right here in our community are often alone, forgotten, and in need of help. I never imagined that through my post, God was going to provide a small but mighty army of volunteers that would jump in and save Jane Doe."

Jane Doe had to be moved out of her apartment while biohazard disinfecting was done by Spotless Crime Clean. All furniture, carpet, and most of her possessions had to be thrown away. There was also no edible food, as everything in the kitchen was either expired or infested with insects.

Shelby was able to spend some time with the woman, who he described as his 'new adopted grandma'. He learned about her background, and how she had struggled throughout her entire life, being reduced to having nothing multiple times. She had developed some hoarding behaviors, and he believed that some of that was due to her fear of losing everything again.

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