The shuttered and haunted La Hacienda restaurant in El Paso, Texas is reportedly rumored to be reopening once again.

La Hacienda would close its doors in the mid 2000s, but now it seems that new interest is brewing, and the old haunted grounds might be reopening.

Kevin Vargas

The old La Hacienda restaurant is located on the riverbanks of the Rio Grande near the original Paso del Norte Pass, tucked just off Paisano, where Don Juan de Oñate crossed back in 1598.

Kevin Vargas

El Paso pioneer Simeon Hart established El Molino, a flour mill, after marrying his wife in late 1849, and several years later, he built his private residence, which we now know to be La Hacienda.

La Hacienda, steeped in history, was used as a hospital during the Great Depression. A stagecoach stop during the Butterfield Stage run delivering mail and transporting travelers up until the late 1850s and was even used as a campground for Pancho Villa in 1913, during the Mexican Revolution.

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Kevin Vargas

In 1940 La Hacienda transformed into a full-blown restaurant, and over the years, it has closed and reopened under various ownerships, finally closing once again a few years after it last reopened in 2004.

Kevin Vargas

La Hacienda is full of old ghost stories stemming from its historical roots and is said to be a portal for the undead as wait staff and employees for years claimed to hear disembodied voices, footsteps, and doors closing and opening on their own.

Kevin Vargas

And now it seems that the haunted restaurant might be reopening, as reported by El Paso Inc. last week.

The article says that Chip Johns, the property's current owner, is considering a proposed new purchase agreement for the historic adobe-style building.

No other details are available at this time, but it would be fantastic if someone did reopen the historic restaurant.

While the site may still be haunted, I do remember that the tacos and enchiladas were some of the best in town and if that means having a ghost sighting on the side; then sign me up.

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