Don't sell things that don't belong to you. How difficult is that to remember?

William D. "Bill" Watson, 63, of Lampasas was arrested Wednesday and slapped with two charges of stealing cattle. He was booked into the Lampasas County Jail with bonds totaling $40,000.

Police say Watson stole 88 head of cattle from two ranchers and sold 73 of them. The stolen cattle were valued at over $65,000.

Watson came under suspicion after a landowner who'd hired him to work on her ranch contacted Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (TSCRA) Special Ranger Marvin Wills. She alleged that Watson was selling her livestock without her knowledge and pocketing the cash.

Lampasas County Sheriff’s Department Detective David Thorp joined the investigation, and police say he and Ranger Wills discovered that Watson had sold 47 head of cattle belonging to the landowner, as well as 26 belonging to another Lampasas rancher the landowner allowed to run cattle on her property.

It's beyond sad that someone could betray the trust of their employer, especially at such a time honored place as a Texas cattle ranch. C'mon, man.

If you suspect someone of stealing your livestock or trying to sell you stolen livestock, you can report their activity to the TSCRA at 888-830-2333. They offer a cash reward for information the leads to an arrest and grand jury indictment for theft of livestock or related property, and you can report anonymously and still collect the reward.

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