It's back!

It's time to bring the family out, have a little fun, and once again enjoy another Killeen tradition!

The Killeen Carnival Is Back

From February 10th through February 27th, come out and enjoy delicious food, (like hot dogs and cotton candy), ride the rides (like the Ferris wheel), and do so much more at the Killeen Carnival.

Bear, the organizer, says it's going on 40 years since he first brought the carnival to Killeen.

Out of the 40 years, how many have YOU gone to?

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Wrist Bands for the Killeen Carnival

According to Bear, the wrist bands include your gate admission and you can ride every ride as much as you like!

Wristbands are $25 Monday through Thursday, and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday the wristbands are $30.

Admission is $3

Special Nights For Special People

The carnival will run from February 10th through February 27th, and there are certain themed nights where discounts are available, such as:

Wednesday Dollar Night

On both February 16th and 23rd, you'll be able to ride the rides, enjoy hotdogs, popcorn, and drinks for only a dollar.

Military Appreciation Night

3 Fridays straight, February 11th, 18th, and February 25th, military and dependents with valid I.D. get in for free.


Valentine's Day Special

On Valentine's Day Monday, February 14th, couples get into the carnival for free if you bring 2 cans of food.


Hours For The Killeen Carnival

The hours are Monday through Friday opening at 6 PM and Saturday and Sunday opening at 3 PM.

February 10th through February 27th, you can enjoy food and fun at the Killeen Carnival located at the Killeen Special Events Center, on the rodeo grounds at South WS Young Drive in Killeen, right next to the Killeen Civic Center.

All entrants are subject to search.

If you want more information, call Bear at 254-681-3357 and he'll be happy to help you out.


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