Anyone involved in athletics knows the blood, sweat, and tears that go into preparation for games. When giving your all for the game, and things don't go your way the emotions do begin to flare their nasty head. A Central Texas high school coach definitely let his emotions take over on Friday night during a basketball game.

KWTX's Ke'Sha Lopez reported that a Central Texas basketball head coach ended a game that they lost by kicking the ball toward's the opposing team's huddle. The Whitney Wildcats and Robinson Rockets were in a very tight game with 1.3 seconds left in regulation.

The score was 50-50, and the rockets were set to inbound the ball. As they inbounded the ball, the Wildcats fouled one of the Rockets' players as time expired. The Rockets player went to the free throw line and made the free throw to win the game.

Whitney Head Coach Troy Doyle would do something after the game concluded that left many in the gym in awe. The basketball used during the game rolled in the direction of Doyle, and he kicked it toward's the Robinson huddle of players. Multiple Robinson players approached Doyle, and he stepped up towards them in an aggressive manner as well.

Kayne Follender, a center for the Rockets, said the coach even used profanity towards them. Follender added, "I've been a varsity player for three years. I'm graduating early and I've started every year of my high school career. I've never seen a coach act this way before."

On Monday, Whitney ISD Superintendent Gene Solis said he couldn't comment on how Doyle would be punished for his actions, but it would be handled in-house. Solis did confirm that Doyle would not be coaching in the Whitney Wildcats next game on Tuesday against McGregor.

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