We wanted to share the awesome story of Officer Thomas Beasley and a Lacy Lakeview boy that is making the news this week with our partners over at KWTX News 10.

Officer Beasley is a retired Navy veteran who became a police officer later in life. He has made a career out of helping others. When he met Robert Alvarenga and saw the security videos of the boy's bike being stolen at the Dollar General on N. Lacy Drive, he decided to help.

Young Robert rode his bike to the Dollar General to run an errand for his mother and while he was buying a few things for the family dinner, someone stole his bike. Officer Beasley saw this happen on the security tapes and decided he could help buy the boy a new one.

Robert's mother told KWTX she could tell how upset her son was when he called from the store saying he could not get home because someone had stolen his bike. It was a bike the boy bought with his own money that he had saved up over the summer.

A few days later Officer Beasley stopped by the Alvarenga residence with a new bike for Robert who was not at home at the time. But the next thing he knew, Robert was riding up to the police station the next day on his new bike. The boy stopped at the Dollar General to pick up cookies, milk, and a thank you card for the officer before arriving at the police station to say thank you.

What a great story about great people who live right here in Central Texas. I bet that this experience will stay with Robert for the rest of his life. Officer Beasley probably just wanted to help the boy get back on a bike for the summer, but we think he clearly did way more than that for the young man. What a positive influence. We need lots more people like Officer Beasley.

Lacy Lakeview Police Department Photo via KWTX News 10
Lacy Lakeview Police Department Photo via KWTX News 10

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