It was a nightmare come to life for shoppers at a Kenner, Louisiana Walmart late last Friday when a man with a machete approached two mothers and threatened to murder them if they didn't hand over their children.

I can't even believe I just had to type that sentence.

WVUE-TV reports that Billy Yoe Budier-Herrera. 33, approached a woman at the store around 2 PM on March 23 and said she would die if she didn't hand over her 2-year-old son. When she tried to walk away, Budier-Herrera, armed with a 10-inch machete, blocked her path and tried to remove her son from his seat in the woman's shopping cart. The mom grabbed her son as well and managed to wrest him from Budier-Herrera's grip and run to the store's deli section for help.

Budier-Herrera reportedly swung the machete at an employee who tried to calm him down, then ran to an aisle and tried to grab another woman's child. Fortunately, a safety strap in the cart prevented him from picking the child up.

Employees and an off-duty Kenner cop eventually tackled Budier-Herrera and were able to hold him down until he could be taken into custody. Police found pepper spray, razor blades, a shiv, and duct tape on Budier-Herrera in addition to the machete. Sounds like he had quite an evening planned.

Budier-Herrera faces a laundry list of charges after his bizarre performance, including kidnapping, aggravated assault, illegal carry of weapons, disturbing the peace, and immigration charges.

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