McGregor mayor Jimmy Hering and family will attend a launch at  at Cape Canaveral, Florida Monday honoring their late son, Rhett, who passed away in 2015.

Our news partner, KWTX, reports that Hering's wife, Lorna, and their two surviving children, Mara and Ryan, have been invited to attend the launch of a SpaceX rocket adorned with a sticker honoring 15-year-old Rhett and his service to the McGregor community.

Back in July, the Herings were invited to SpaceX's rocket research center to place a Rhett Revolution sticker on one of the company's rockets. That rocket will be part of a mission to resupply NASA's orbiting lab.

Rhett Revolution is a community service initiative started by Rhett's friends and family after he passed away in December of 2015 in an ATV accident.

“Aside from raising continued awareness to the Revolution, SpaceX is also fulfilling a dream of Rhett’s,” Jimmy Hering told KWTX. “As a little boy, too young to know any limitations, Rhett had three goals in life: Win the Heisman, be an astronaut, and ride on the back of a garbage truck.”

The Herings will be invited to retrieve the sticker following the success of the mission.


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