It's been called everything from racist to bizarre,  but ultimately the label that matters most for a potential Mexican studies textbook in the state of Texas is "rejected."

The book had an amazing effect on party politics as it was rejected unanimously 14–0 by the Texas State Board of Education.  Members of all backgrounds saw eye-to-eye.

I wrote about this book when it first hit the news in September of this year. State Board of Education member Ruben Cortez, Jr. (D) at a press conference, said the textbook, Mexican American Heritage, “describes Mexicans as people who don’t value hard work and who only bring crimes and drugs into the country.”

Another passage: “It was also traditional to skip work on Mondays, and drinking on the job could be a problem.” And if that wasn't appalling enough, there are sections which could be perceived as hostile to Catholics. According to NBC, the textbook asserts the concept of immigrants having "caused a number of economic and security problems in the United States...poverty, non-assimilation, drugs, crime, and exploitation."

It's naïve to think that history books don't have a slant. They always do. I think it was Stalin who said victors in war write the history books.  In this case,  it's possible we all did this week.