How does a stand-up comedian make some extra cash in between gigs? He runs a pizza truck and creates a pizza that's funny...allegedly.

KWES is reporting that Rob Jenkins, stand-up comedian, has created a pizza that some find offensive.

It's half Mexican taco and half chicken and Cheetos. (Because of Trumps skin tone. Which is really funny). The issue is the white bread stick wall that separates the two sides.

Jenkins claims it wasn't meant to offend anyone.

"It wasn't offensive in my opinion. I checked with a lot of people before we did it. It doesn't really bother me to offend somebody, 'cause to be honest, they probably weren't a customer of mine to begin with."

Half is a Mexican taco pizza, separated by a white bread border, other half is a chicken...

Posted by Peace of Pizza on Tuesday, February 7, 2017



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