KWTX News 10 reports that Midway ISD issued a statement on Monday afternoon about their dress code that reads, "Since the code applies to all students, it is not discriminatory in intent or by legal standards. Students are expected to adhere to the current dress code, which was acknowledged by every student's guardian at registration."

The school asked the parents of one young man to make sure he got a haircut over winter break so that he was in compliance with the school's dress code which includes specifics about hair and length. As classes resume today Tiffany Brown says her son did not cut his dreadlocks over winter break.

Her son is in the 1st grade at Midway Independent School. Tiffany was sent a reminder over the winter break which she is said to have posted on social media. The reminder said a boy's hair cannot be longer than the bottom of his ears or collar and not more than two inches in volume. Tiffany is quoted by KWTX as saying the way her family wears their hair "bears cultural and religious significance" and says the policy is outdated.

If the policy is made clear when a student registers for classes as Midway ISD indicates, I would assume that the school plans to hold firm on their policy as the students return today. We'll see what happens when classes get underway.

What do you think? Should a students hair style be subject to a school's dress code?


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