When I hear Mack Brown and Mike Leach's names spoken in the same breath I'm taken back to when Brown coached the Texas Longhorns and Leach lead the Texas Tech Red Raiders.

One game comes to mind to many college football fans. The 2008 matchup in Lubbock where #1 Texas fell to #7 Tech on a last-second touchdown. As a Texas fan when I hear the name Michael Crabtree it still stings a little, no, I'm over it, yeah totally.

Well, I'm not the only one reminiscing on the past. This week, when Mack Brown was asked if he thought Texas would have won in the following year's (2009) national championship game, had Colt McCoy not got hurt he had this to say according to AL.com.

"I think we win the game because Alabama was so focused on Florida in the conference championship game, and we didn’t play well against Nebraska in our conference championship game, I thought they came into the game not respecting us, and we were good. They had trouble with mobile quarterbacks. They had trouble with the offense we were running."

-Mack Brown

I would have to agree, but you never know. Alabama won and went on to win after that, so let's just focus on the present.

Texas Sports Nation reports that Washington State head coach isn't too keen on playing Houston on a Friday night because Friday nights are reserved for high school football in Texas.

"I'm sort of with Texas on this, Texas has always kind of reserved Friday night games because they think it impinges on high school games their thought is, 'College, you have Saturdays, so why are you playing on Fridays, and high schools deserve Fridays.' They have a point there that I respect to a certain degree."

-Mike Leach

It just goes to show, you can leave Texas, but the great state will be a part of you forever.

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