Spring rains in Central Texas can be pretty hard to predict. Rain can come down in buckets or not at all.

The years when we get more than our fair share of precipitation in the spring can bring extra hazards to those spending time on our Central Texas lakes. The higher the lake levels can mean a better chance for accidents to those just trying to enjoy the great outdoors.

Take the story of these two kayaks reported adrift on Lake Belton earlier this week.

KWTX News 10 reporter Brandon Hamilton says Police received a call about two kayaks found drifting on Lake Belton. Lake Belton's water level is about 11 feet above normal this spring, and we saw just a few days ago how Temple Lake Park was closed due to the same high water.

Police Officers and members of Temple Fire & Rescue teamed up with Belton and Morgan's Point Fire Departments for the search for the two people who went out on the water in the kayaks. While the kayaks were found drifting on the lake the two people inside them were located by about 7 p.m. Wednesday evening according to the post above from Temple Fire and Rescue.

The kayakers became separated from their watercraft while on the Leon River below Belton Lake Dam.

The first call about the kayaks came in just before 4 p.m. yesterday. The search was ended when the two occupants were located a few hours later.

Two kayakers were found safe Wednesday evening after police received a report that two kayaks were found adrift on Lake Belton.

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