Video: Hugh Shine Attacks Molly White’s Campaign Manager(Belton, TX) This morning, Friday, February 26, Molly White...

Posted by Molly White on Friday, February 26, 2016

Texas State District 55 Representative Molly White posted a video to social media Friday showing what appears to be an intense confrontation between her campaign manager and opposing candidate Hugh Shine.

The video, shot by White campaign manager David Huber, appeared on White's Facebook page around 12:30 PM. According to the post, Huber and Shine were both setting up tents at an early voting location near Temple's Bell County Court Annex around 6 AM when the confrontation took place.

Hubert claims he was leaving to get breakfast when he noticed Shine attempting to move White's tent.

In the video, Huber is heard saying, “You might consider not moving my setup here.”

Shine is then heard saying, “You know what? You get out of here. You get out of hear real quick.”

The shaky footage then appears to show Shine striking Huber's vehicle with a metallic object.

Temple police issued a release Friday indicating that they were called to the location by Huber, but they did not offer any new details. According to the release, officers resolved the conflict and both parties agreed to erect their tents next to one another.

However, according to White's Facebook post, Huber plans to file aggravated assault charges against Shine.

Representatives from the Shine campaign say they plan to issue a statement in response to the video and assault allegations Friday afternoon.