I can't imagine the heartbreak that Cynthia Kimball is experiencing waiting for word about her missing son, John Hoagland, who is among the sailors missing after the crash of the USS John McCain on Monday.

John spent time growing up in Killeen and was a graduate of Shoemaker High School. Hoagland now lives in Cleveland, Texas north of Houston.

Our news partners at KWTX had the chance to speak with John's mother, Cynthia, who said, "Some minutes you're pretty numb and the next, it's a disaster and you break down and there's not anything you can do. The not being able to do anything, it's an impossible thing to deal with and understand."

10 sailors in all are missing after the crash involving the USS John McCain and an oil tanker. His mother shared a quote from John's social media account that shows his love for serving in the Navy.

John wrote, "I still can't get over just looking out over the ocean, or staring up at all of the stars at night. I think those two things are at the top of my list of favorite reasons for going Navy over any other branch."

Our prayers go out to John's family and the entire Pacific Fleet as they search for the missing sailors.

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