A mother in California jumped into action on Sunday and saved her 5-year-old son from a mountain lion attack.

According to a press release from the The California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the attack happened at the boy's home in Calabasas, California while the boy was playing in the front yard.

The mother heard the screams and ran outside and started punching the lion. Captain Patrick Foy with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife told CBS Los Angeles,
"She ran outside and immediately started striking and punching at the lion and managed to fend the lion off her son. This mom's an absolute hero who saved her son's life, there's no question about it." 

The press release stated that the mountain lion that attacked the boy weighed 65-pounds and left wounds on the boys head, neck, and upper torso. The boy was treated for his wounds at a local hospital and was listed in stable condition.

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Wildlife officials found and shot the mountain lion that attacked the boy, while two other lions were tranquilized.

As scary a situation as this was, it could have been much worse if not for a quick thinking, fearless mother.

Ana Beatriz Cholo with the Santa Monica Mountains Recreation Area says that if you ever have a run-in with a mountain lion, do not turn and run away. Instead you should "try to make yourself look bigger than you are and give it space to move on." If that doesn't work, throwing something may be helpful.

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