Congratulations to Beatrice James!

She was the winner of our Mothers Day showcase from Lastovica Jewelers in Temple, Katula Hair & Nail Salon in Belton, and Edible Arrangements.


Miss Beatrice was nominated by her loving daughter Kia Kelly, pictured above. Her mom's work schedule made it impossible to come pick up her prices, so her daughter stepped up. Way to go, Kia!

Big Q Photos TSM

You can see Kia holding her mom's new 24 karat gold trimmed rose from Lastovica Jewelers. She also scored her mom $50 gift cards from Katula Hair & Nail Salon and Edible Arrangements.

We want to thank everyone who nominated a deserving mom this year. More importantly, we want wish all mothers, a very happy Mothers Day. And, of course, thanks for listening!