It's been a nasty weather weekend in Texas but in the words of Al Jolson and Bachman-Turner Overdrive, 'you ain't seen nothing yet. Or, more accurately from a meteorological perspective, you ain't felt nothing like what will tingle your bones later this week.

We're looking at lows in the 20s and low 30s come Thursday morning and then potential lows in the teens Friday morning.

It appears the worst will be to the north of us, which you know is usually the case. For some reason, the Dallas-Fort Worth area might as well be in the Arctic Circle while east Bell County might as well be the rest of the Deep South.

That's always the way. On the other side of I 35, it seems to be the beginning of the great American west. As such, it more often feels like the cactus strewn deserts shown in the films of John Ford and his ilk. But when this Arctic cold front arrives in two days, you can wipe any impressions of The Searchers and John Wayne from your mind when it comes to this forecast picture.

I'll have a full forecast from The Weather Authority, Newscenter 10's own Brady Taylor tomorrow morning as we stay on top of this developing pattern.