The Hot Cheetos snack took the world by storm when it first hit the streets years ago. With summer on the horizon, the folks at Frito Lay have blessed us with another potential taste bud igniter.

As reported by FOX26 in Houston, the Hot Cheetos brand has created a chipotle ranch flavor that has curiosity at an overload for my fellow Hot Cheeto lovers in the world.

It was only a matter of time before they made this magical concoction of spice, cheese, and ranch. Since the turn of the century, ranch dressing has been one of the most highly used food items in or on many different foods. Salads, pizza, chicken, and now Hot Cheetos.

The scheduled release date for these Hot Cheetos was July, but reports say they're already hitting shelves in local stores. So keep your eyes peeled, and happy eating my fellow Hot Cheeto lovers!

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