The Girl Scouts could have a new product line in the future.

No one says that snorting your after dinner treat is wrong, but, really?

The newest party craze is coming over from Europe. It's snorting chocolate. Nick Anderson is the creator of Coco Loco. He came up with idea after discovering the nasal trend in Europe.

According to Grub Street, he used himself as a test subject and began snorting all kind of chocolate concoctions before landing on the mixture for Coco Loko. It contains raw cacao powder, ginkgo biloba, tauring, and guarana.

Supposedly it's like snorting a shot of Red Bull. At this point it's not illegal, just disgusting.

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Doctors haven't done any testing on this because no one saw "snortable chocolate" as a thing likely to happen.

At this point, doctors don't know any harmful effects, but they speculate a few things. They don't know how much chocolate the mucus membrane can absorb. Plus, chocolate can be pasty when mixed with moisture, which is a nice way of saying "snot", and just how attractive will that be when you blow it out?

It'll cost you around $30 for a jar of coco, but it wasn't too long ago that we were talking about a chocolate shortage, and now people are putting it up their nose?

Simple logistics should end this trend. Why not stop by a "choke and puke" (convenience store) and pick up a Hershey bar and a Red Bull? That way, when you sneeze, it doesn't look like your face just s--t itself.

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