Is this the latest example of boys will be boys?

Over in McKinney, Texas, the Parson family is lucky this fire didn't spread to their house. Caden is 12-years-old and asked for a magnifying glass for Christmas. His parents thought it was for reading, but it looks like for some science experiments as well. I guess Caden wanted to see if a magnifying glass can actually start a fire.

Guess what, Caden. It does. Caden and his front yard had to learn this lesson the hard way. Caden tried setting some newspapers on fire, and the fire from that then spread to the front lawn. The family quickly sprang into action, turning on their sprinkler system and getting pitchers of water and blankets to douse the fire.

The Parson's were able to contain the fire in their yard. They say it's going to be one of those stories they will laugh at for years to come. 'Remember that one Christmas you set the front yard on fire?'

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