How was your Sunday? If you happen to be University of North Texas softball pitcher Hope Trautwein, your Sunday was perfect.

Trautwein was on the road in Pine Bluff, Arkansas this weekend when she threw a perfect game against 21 batters. According to ESPN, it's the first perfect game in North Texas history, and could be the first perfect seven-inning game with every out being a strikeout in NCAAA Division I history!

According to NCAA records, 21 strikeouts in seven innings has happened twice before but not during a perfect game. In case you are wondering, a perfect game in college softball is 21 up and 21 down in a row. No hits, walks or runs. To pitch a perfect game with 21 strikeouts is almost unbelievable.

The Dallas Morning News reports that less than 100 spectators saw this awesome accomplishment live, but it was caught on camera by North Texas' sports information director. Trautwein said she had no idea she'd made history and was just having fun.

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Trautwein is from Pflugerville, Texas. This is her second seven-inning game to feature 21 strikeouts. Her first came in her first start of the season, but she also gave up two runs on six hits.

A 21 strikeout perfect game may be a first, but here are some other records for NCAA Softball that may never be beat.

The record for strikeouts in a NCAA game is 28, and it's been done twice. Northwestern's Eileen Canney did it in 2006 during an 18 inning game and Cristin Vitek did it during a 16 inning game for Baylor in 2004.

A big shout out to Trautwein for getting it done perfectly. #GoMeanGreen

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