This story reminds me of growing up watching the local news, there would be a nightly segment entitled "Dumb Crooks".

Basically, the segment featured a crook that didn’t really think things out before they committed a crime.

Well fast forward to 2021 and let’s go to Round Rock or today’s edition of “They Really Should Have Thought Things Out” before they committed a crime.

KWTX reports that police are looking for a black man who used his SUV to break in a Round Rock 7- Eleven early Friday morning.

Police believe the suspect used his 2001 or 2002 Toyota Sequoia SUV to plow through the doors of the convenience store located at 2801 Lafrontera Blvd in Round Rock.

How do police know that?

Well, the suspect's car is now missing its front bumper..




Investigators are now looking for a car that’s missing a front bumper

If you have any information call the Round Rock Police at 512-218-5500



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