I would like to open this piece with the fact that I am indeed a Texas Longhorns fan. Maybe that gives my opinion on whether or not the 'horns down' gesture should be penalized more value, or perhaps it doesn't. That's up to you.

Here it is - I don't.

Why is this being brought up? According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Greg Burks, head of Big 12 officiating, is considering enforcing flags being thrown for the action.

The motion is mostly used during the Red River Rivalry, where Texas and Oklahoma meet at the Cotton Bowl - a game where records or predictions don't matter any team can win. It's all pure emotion, and the 'horns down' signal can draw a lot of emotion which can lead to a better game. As long as there isn't any physical violence, I say let them play football.

Yes, it's not great for kids to see adults not practicing good sportsmanship, but it's also life and we should reward those who act better. I'll halfway allow poor behavior on the field due to the nature of the game.

In the end, I'll root for the longhorns every day, but I don't hold anything against anyone else or any other team on a non-game day. Heck, I know more Aggies than anybody and they are some swell folks, I tell ya.

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