Oreo has released a new snack that gives you that "State Fair" kind of feel, and is sure to gain much attention to snack lovers. According to delish.com, Oreo has released their Oreo State Fair Cookies.

The treat can be found in the frozen aisles of your nearest Walmart. The treat is coated with a golden vanilla crunchy coating, with an Oreo cookie sandwich on the inside. The Vanilla Crunch flavor resembles the fried Oreos greatly from your state fair, except you don't have to wait for the fair to come around.

Oreo isn't calling the snack "deep-fried", but as a fellow snacker this screams fried Oreos to me personally. Also, if you are a huge chocolate lover, they will have the Oreo State Fair Cookies in a Chocolate Crunch flavor as well. Sounds like a great summer treat for all of the Oreo lovers in life; go raid your local Walmart freezers and give them a try!

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