There is a mess going on in Austin!

A backlog of over 900 cases of positive DNA findings may find Austin's Police Department having to reopen a number of rape cases.

Earlier last year, DNA testing of rape kits was outsourced to different states to remedy the backlog.

A memo released by the city of Austin last Thursday states that "they will be reopening and beginning to work cases that correspond with kits that yielded positive results"

KXAN reports that Sex crimes and Cold Case detectives will determine which cases will be reopened and the victims will be notified. According to their report, 35% (around 933) of the rape kits tested brought back positive DNA findings. That means there are leads in hundreds of cases.

To help get the ball rolling and hopefully find justice for victims, the Department of Public Safety will tap into its budge and grant money to send eligible DNA reports for entry into the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS). Funds may be coming from the Department of Justice as well.

Our hearts go out to those who've been waiting so long for these results.

For information on how to check the status on a case call 512-974-5555


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