UPDATE: The Copperas Cove Police Department announced Monday afternoon (April 11) that Kevin Frazier has been charged with Murder and Aggravated Assault Against a Public Servant in connection to this case.

Frazier has been transported to the Coryell County Jail, where he was held Monday with bonds totaling $1,750,000.

Kevin Frazier - Photo Courtesy of Copperas Cove PD
Kevin Frazier - Photo Courtesy of Copperas Cove PD


Over the weekend I saw tons of people showing their love and offering condolences to Destiney Carey who was tragically killed Thursday afternoon. Carey was a local designer responsible for a number of beautiful clothing items worn by Killeen women and models.

What Happened?

KCEN-TV reports that Carey was killed Thursday afternoon.

Captain Gabriel Cardona with the Copperas Cove Police Department issued a news release on April 7 in which he reported that a police had been dispatched to the 1000 block of Hobby Road shortly before 12:30 PM that day in reference to a 9-1-1 hang up call.

When officers arrived, they found 33-year-old Destiney Jassmund Carey and 37-year-old Kevin Frazier, who police say had both suffered gunshot wounds.

Carey was pronounced dead at the scene by Justice of the Peace Bill Price.

Frazier was transported to o Darnall Army Medical Center, where he was listed in stable condition.

No further information is available at this time.

Carey Was A Successful Businesswoman

attachment-des canon

Destiney Cannon was a successful business owner of High Sadity Boutique. Her daughter, D'Zira Cannon, told KCEN the following:

"My mom just always wanted to be happy. She was always a fun person to be around. Her laugh just lit up the room she was everything. My mom was a hardworking woman.  "he took care of all six of us. She was a nurse and she had two businesses in Killeen and was getting ready to set up her third location in Dallas."

Facebook Tributes

While scrolling on Facebook, I couldn't help but notice the tributes in Carey's honor, including her last message written on Facebook:

There's going to be a balloon release scheduled for this Wednesday, April 13th.

We send our heartfelt condolences to the family of Destiney Carey.

Here Are 10 Cool Central Texas AirBnB's You Should Check Out

If you are curious about what kind of Airbnb rentals this area has to offer take a few minutes of your time and check these out!

I was on Airbnb's website last week booking a place for relatives who are coming to visit and ran across a few really cool spots in Temple, Belton, Killeen, and Salado.

Wow! What I Saw When I Turned Left Inside Buc-ee's In Temple, Texas [PICS]

As the saying goes... everything's bigger in Texas.

Having said that, I've never seen a gas station with more than 50 gas pumps.

Then I visited Buc-ee's.

What is Buc-ee's?

If you don't know or have never visited the popular one-stop highway shop that has over 35 Texas locations in Texas, you need to!

You can get everything in Buc-ee's from gas, to keychains to candles to brisket to goat milk soap and everything in between.

Buc-ee's Has Expanded

According to their site, Buc-ee's, not only has multiple locations here in Texas, they have expanded to southern states like Georgia, Alabama, and Florida.

The World's Largest Buc-ee's Coming Soon

Later this year, Buc-ee's has plans to open "The World's Largest Buc-ee's" located in Sevierville, Tennesse. It will have 120 fuel pumps, a 250-foot car wash, and 74,000 square feet of indoor shopping.

I've Never Turned Left

In almost 7 years, I've been here in Texas, I've never turned left when I went inside a Buc-ee's.

I either walk straight to the bathroom or turn right to get water or gummy bears or chocolate almonds. (I get the same thing every time)

But yesterday, I decided to turn left and (I know I'm late) I was mesmerized!

For starters, I never had a reason to turn left.

I've visited the one in Waller County, Bastrop, and the Temple location.

Every time I've visited Buc-ee's, I've never had a reason to go "shopping" always a bathroom break and then back on the road.

So here are some of the cool things I saw when I turned left at Buc-ee's in Temple, Texas!

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