Rick Perry is currently the United States Secretary of Energy, but he could be moved to a new position very soon.

According to a report from Abby Livingston and the Texas Tribune, sources from a Bloomberg report indicate that Rick Perry is in consideration to lead the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Rick Perry has been a strong advocate for increased border security, which was a central pillar of President Trump's campaign. The fact that President Trump would consider Perry for a role such as this  shows how far the relationship has come between the two men.

Two years ago, when Perry was running for the Republican candidacy for president, he tagged President Trump as a "a cancer on conservatism." But once Trump won the candidacy, he backed Trump and his candidacy. Trump recently named Perry as one of  his national security advisers.

Perry traveled to West Virginia with Trump for the Boys Scout Jamboree, where Perry felt right at home being an Eagle Scout. The Department of Homeland Security lead position opened up after John Kelly took over the Chief of Staff position with all of the White House chaos going on. Perry isn't the only candidate up for this position either. Sources say  U.S. Rep. Michael McCaul, one of Trump's very close national security advisers, is also being considered for the role.

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