Being an early supporter of the now President-Elect Donald Trump, it was not wholly unexpected former Texas governor Rick Perry would be given a slot in the Billionaire's Boys Cl...err, Presidential Cabinet. And so it has come to pass.

Perry coming from a state where the petro-chemical industry is the major player, this seems a logical choice. Expect the usual whining from the usual suspects who hate anything oil and gas, especially those who resent the shale explosion since 2000. Where these same people miss the bigger picture is alternative energy.

Yes, alternative energy and Rick Perry as Secretary of Energy Rick Perry are a good fit. The perfect fit as a matter of fact. Like a glove.

Unlike most die-hards on either side, Rick Perry presided over not only one of the most robust periods of petro-chemical growth in the nation's history (not to mention Texas') as well as the whole shale thing, which gave the U.S.A. a renewed sense of energy independence, but he was part of Texas' embracing of wind power, more so than any state. There was more wind harnessed during his term as governor than at any other time in the state's history. (Insert hot air political joke here.)

It was this forward-thinking policy on wind which allowed the city of Georgetown to go almost entirely wind-powered. Georgetown isn't exact Berkeley or Madison or some other hippie-dominated liberal bastion. They simply know a good deal when they see it, and wind power was it.

Texas is also the most energy-independent state in the union. We are largely on our own grid and virtually invented the idea of non-monopolized power. Who better to bring an infusion of free-market principles to a heavily monopolized industry?

Good luck to the former governor.

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