Only two days into early voting in Texas and I see headlines read 'Alert: Texas Voting Machines Changing Trump Votes to Clinton'. Texans from all over the state have shared their stories of voting one way and seeing the opposing candidate go up as their vote instead. Trump voters were more vocal about this issue than Clinton voters.

There have been alleged instances of vote changes in Arlington, Dallas, McLennan County and rumors in Harris County as well.

There is always one sure-fire way to make sure your vote is correct. Double check your ballot and if there is an error, make sure to speak to an elections official. If you don't trust these 'machines' like many don't, most counties provide a paper ballot to write in your candidate. It is your right to do so.

Meanwhile at home, Bell County Elections Administrator Shawn Snyder spoke with Killeen Daily Herald, explaining how paper ballot voting is the way to go when concerned about fraud.

... if a recount demands it we can go back and physically recount the ballots by hand as needed, which we have been able the last two time.

To count the ballots, the the votes will go through one of six certified counting machines rented by Bell County. Snyder says rigging the election in Bell County would be very difficult - basically you'd have to steal the equipment, reprogram it and return it with anyone knowing. This isn't Ocean's 11 so I'm not going to even go there.

Snyder also added that the election equipment isn't even plugged into the Internet so hacking is out of the question.

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