It's all about the "Questions" at Google.

Estately has put together a list of "Questions" that people ask Google. Then they broke it down by state. They have determined which state asked about selected searches over the past 12 years.

They want it to be clear that their list does not represent what each state Googles the

Why is my poop green

most, but simply what each state Googles more frequently than the other states, and D.C.

I always like to start these things off with a look at some of the other states I've lived in. For example...In North Dakota, they ask two questions more than any other state.

"Where is the NFL Draft?" & "How Do I Get a Passport?", because I guess getting out of the state is just not enough.

I did a 6 month stretch in Wyoming a while back. There question is "What is Wyoming?". You would think that they would know, since they live there.

And now we come to Texas. Oh Sweet Jesus. Are you sitting down? There are a lot of them. Some may shock you. Some, sadly, will not.

Texans have asked Google "Do I have Herpes?" more than any other state.

Also, they have asked "Why is my hair falling out?", "How to get rich quick?", "Where is Hell?", "Where is Heaven?", "How to Yodel?", "Am I a Lesbian?", and a personal favorite..."Where is Johnny Manziel?" A lot of people want to know.

Then it gets weird. "Do Zombies exist?" is a popular question. Along with "What is Jock Itch?", "When is Jesus Coming?" That would be after the Zombies. And my all time favorite..."Do Girls Poop?".

I suppose it could be worse, we could be South Dakota. They ask the question, "Who let the dogs out?" and "Why is my poop green?" more than any other state.