This was shaping up to be the best Thanksgiving ever.

Yes, it will be awesome to gather with members of the family who I haven’t seen in a while. And yes, I’m looking forward to eating myself into a food coma. And yes, I’m ready for a day full of football and cold beer.

But here’s the thing – I do all of the aforementioned every year. But this year was going to be different.

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Because this was going to be the year that I would get to dig into the biggest incarnation of my all-time favorite candy, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

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Earlier today, I saw that Reese’s had rolled out their largest peanut butter cup ever. It’s a 9-inch cup that you eat like a pie, right on time for Thanksgiving. So of course, I immediately googled it and found the link to order my very own.

Never mind the fact that the cup/pie costs $44.99. That’s a small price to pay for the pleasure of digging into a Reese’s Cup that’s bigger than my head.

The problem is that only made 3,000 of them and they sold out immediately, leaving yours truly wondering just what might have been.

I realize it’s probably a little too late to make another run of them, but if the folks at Hershey’s could find it in their heart to do so, I would be forever grateful to them.

But with that being said, maybe make a few more next year. I’ll be the first in line for one.

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