The Waco Mars plant produces the largest volume of Snickers in the US, and now they've also produced the largest Snickers in the world!

The Waco Mars Wrigley plant created the largest chocolate nut bar to break the Guinness World Record and they did not disappoint.

Largest Chocolate Nut Bar
Photo Credit: Belinda Hernandez

On January 16, the Waco Mars Wrigley plant revealed the "world record satisfying" Snickers. The bar weighs more than 2 tons and measures 24 inches high by 26 inches wide. If you're wondering how they found such a huge wrapper for this monster, it's actually custom made of vinyl.

Mars associate, Belinda Hernandez, says "two weeks ago they asked us to do it, but it didn't take us that long, probably about 2 or 3 days."

In a press conference for the big reveal, Rudde Engbers stated, "When you handle big food, you're gonna deal with big challenges." Despite the challenges of creating this larger than life Snickers, Texas achieved the impossible.

Originally the bar was only going to be 4 feet long, but living in Texas, workers decided that bigger is better.

The massive Snickers bar will debut in Snicker's new Super Bowl LIV commercial. Afterwords the bar will be cut apart and distributed to other plants and associates.

So now, who wants a bite?

Snickers Bar
Photo Credit: Belinda Hernandez
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