Maybe this San Antonio couple should start binge-watching Couples Therapy on Showtime.

Every couple has their disagreements. Sometimes you argue, occasionally the silent treatment is used, and we all have to negotiate with loved ones.

Whipping out a gun when you’ve had enough talking wouldn’t be on the recommendation list from the marriage therapist on conflict resolution, but it would be one way to get the last word! A San Antonio woman did give her boyfriend a choice, although it wasn’t a good one.

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According to KSAT, Danica Alcaraz and her beloved had apparently been fighting all evening. They went to a bar, started to quarrel again, went home, and continued the argument. Eventually he had enough, and returned to the bar by himself.

He probably should have stayed where he was, but he decided to go back home…and that’s when the party started getting rough.

Alcaraz wasn’t finished making her point, so after the argument was rolling again, she spiced things up by whipping out a gun and asking him ‘’Where do you want it?”, according to WOAI news.

It’s not clear if he gave her an answer, but he did get shot in the leg. After cops and the ambulance showed up, he was taken to Brooke Army Medical Center and is said to be in stable condition according to KSAT.

Meanwhile, WOAI news is reporting that the woman was charged with aggravated assault.

We still don’t know what they were fighting about, but this will make for a great discussion at Thanksgiving dinner, won’t it?

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