It's a few months away from Halloween - and Friday the 13th is this Friday - but you might want to make your reservation now for one of the top Haunted Hotels in the world. It's just down the street in San Antonio.

You've heard the saying...

"There's no such thing as Bad Press."

But if you're a hotel owner in a country that loves the macabre, and you get named on the list of the most haunted hotels, then life is good.

According to mySA, the Emily Morgan Hotel, formally a Medical Arts Center, was named to the USA Today's list of the most Haunted Hotels in the world. It came in at number three.

The only two more "haunted" hotels in the world are the Bourbon Orleans Hotel in New Orleans, and the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. That's the hotel that Stephan King based his book on, "The Shining", so you know that's going to be number one.

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