Eyes? We don't need no stinking eyes.

Back in 1967 two things happened. One, Big Q was born (that's me). And second, the Texas Blind Salamander was put on the endangered species list.

The folks at the San Marcos Aquatic Resources Center collect young ones when they pop out in wells and springs. Raising the salamanders in captivity is a  security measure so we don't lose this fascinating Texas creature.

Discovered in the 1890s, the Texas blind salamander looks like something from a nightmare or from a cute, cuddly morning TV show - depends on your taste, I guess, which is fitting, so close to Halloween. It's body is colorless like mine. It's head shows only black nubs where the eyes should be, but it doesn't need eyes as it spends it's life in a dark watery labyrinth.

Scientists continue to study this creature, for what ever reason. But this Halloween, if you want to cause a stir at your party, either bring one in a glass of water, or dress your pet up as one. It'll cause a few to scream in horror.