I got a call this morning from Patrick Parker, aka Sgt. Pushup. He asked if I could help him spread the word about efforts to make sure no kid in Central Texas has to go to bed hungry.

Sgt. Pushup is doing 1 million pushups to bring awareness to children's needs like hunger, pandemics, and bullying.

He has helped get over 350,000 meals to different food agencies across the country.

Sgt. Pushup was at the Killeen Food Care Center Friday, where he did over 1,200 pushups to help children and families in the area. By 4 PM, he'd helped the center raise $970!

This morning, he told me that he would be giving out Sgt Pushup anti-germ comic workbooks to children as they are sponsored, so he's also out to help educate kids about ways to stay healthy and safe.

In an article published Friday, he told Fox 44 news in Waco, “We got 13 million children, plus that’s not eating tonight. Wait a minute, let me say that one more time: 13 million-plus children are not going to eat tonight! Nobody else, just children!”

You can tell from his tone that he cares deeply about this problem, as we all should. It's great to see him out there using his charisma and talent to do right by America's kids.

Patrick Parker is a decorated veteran who created the character of Sgt. Pushup to bring awareness to child poverty and bullying.

Today, he worked with Raymond Cockrell, the Killeen Food Care Center's Executive Director, to raise money to feed more families right here in Central Texas.

If you want to help out, you can make a donation at foodcare.org. That money stays right here helping local families.

For more information on Sgt. Pushup and what he's all about, check out sgtpushup.com.

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