Remember when morons were filming themselves licking batches of Blue Bell and putting them back in store freezers? One of those morons is now going to jail.

Back in August of 2019, before we were all grossed out by the COVID-19 pandemic, we were all made sick to our stomachs by people like D'Adrien Anderson. He was filmed opening a gallon of Blue Bell ice cream at a Walmart in Port Arthur, licking the top of the ice cream, then putting the lid back on and sliding the carton back into the store's freezer.

Anderson was charged with criminal mischief and sentenced to 30 days in jail and 180 days probation in March of 2020. He was also ordered to serve 100 hours community service.

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WPMI-TV reports that Anderson was also ordered to pay a $1,000 fine and $1,565 restitution to Blue Bell for all the product that had to be thrown away because of the health scare he caused. (He claimed he bought the carton afterward and didn't leave it for another customer to buy, but the store and Blue Bell weren't just going to take his word for it.)

You'd think he'd have learned his lesson, but then again we're talking about a guy who thought it was the height of hilarity to do this in the first place.

Now he's getting ready to serve 180 days in jail after a judge revoked his probation. Apparently he wasn't going to probation meetings or paying the fees, and then he got picked up for trespassing in January of this year.

I'm pretty sure they don't serve Blue Bell in the Jefferson County Jail, chief. Have fun.

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