Shark Week is here! It's practically Christmas in July, and it always brings out the creativity of the fans, including our local police.

Sunday morning, Copperas Cove police posted photos to Facebook of a shark being booked for "Possession of Seaweed under 2 oz". Hopefully there's a TV in his cell so he can binge on sharkiness along with the rest of us.

Just look at that smug, toothy grin. That shark obviously thought he was above the law.

Anyway, if you hate fun and don't care about the fascinating world of Sharks, avoid the Discovery channel this week. It's gonna be wall-to-wall sharky goodness for the next few days.

Shark Week has become an American institution since it premiered in 1988. The intention was to clear up misconceptions about sharks, though it was also banking off the lingering popularity of Steven Spielberg's 'Jaws'. It's no coincidence they scheduled it for peak beach-going season.

Like I wrote earlier, Shark Week continues to resonate with people and spark their creativity. Half the fun is seeing what fans come up with.

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