Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Dak Prescott is having a heck of a start to the 2019 season, and he seems as calm as ever. So much so that he is thinking about dinner in the huddle.

In a clip from NFL films, you can hear Dak say “Oh, spicy nuggets are back, I might have to stop on the way home.”

Spicy nuggets: the breakfast of champions.

Veteran tight end Jason Witten thinks that clip shows what kind of guy Dak is.

“Listen, he has the ability to lock in and then keep a little bit of personality. . . . He’s relaxed, he’s calm out there, I believe he prepares during the week and then he doesn’t overthink it when he gets in those moments.”

-Jason Witten via NBCsports

If the 26-year-old can keep up this kind of high performance with a calm head and a sense of humor, who knows how far the Cowboys can go.

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