Reports from The Associated Press said that a shootout occurred in Dallas, Texas that left one person injured and another one dead.

The shootout happened in Southeast Dallas on early Friday morning; an officer was wounded and the suspect was dead at the scene. Around a dozen police vehicles were sent out to Pleasant Grove on reports that two men were in the area with guns.

Authorities said the officer in plainclothes was shot in the leg when he confronted the two men with guns. The confrontation also added more gunfire to the situation as well. One of the suspects was pronounced dead at the scene of the crime, and the other was found later by the authorities after fleeing the scene.

Authorities have recovered the weapons of both suspects, but are presently still withholding their names from the public. The officers are still unsure what caused the shooting, or how many shots were fired in the shootout as well. Authorities got the wounded officer treated and he was released hours later from the hospital. The officer is an undercover policemen, and the authorities will not release his identity for his safety.

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